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Glen LaMonica, O.D.

Thomas Hand, O.D.

Team Members:

Jeanette Cannoot- Office Manager

Cassie Cooper- Receptionist

Cathy Joyce- Optician

Annie Jenkins- Optician/ Biller

Tiffany Entrevia- Optician/ Biller

Susan Thomas- Technician 

Dr. Hand.

Tiffany, Susan, Annie, Jeanette, an Dr. Hand (left to right)

Dr Hand 2

Tiffany, Susan, Dr. Hand, Annie, and Jeanette (left to right)


Tiffany, Susan, and Jeanette (left to right)

team 2

Cassie, Cathy, Tiffany, Susan, and Jeanette (top to bottom)

team 3

Tiffany and Annie (left to right)

dr. L

Dr. LaMonica

team 4

Cassie, Kristin, Dr. LaMonica, Annie, Susan, Jeanette, and Cathy (left to right)

team 5

Jeanette, Annie, and Susan (left to right)